I’m a 49-year-old woman who has been addicted to sugar since birth.  My mother put sugar on everything to get us to eat it – tomatoes, bread and butter, etc.  She’d even put it in baby food for my kids when they were small because it tasted so bad to her.

I just finished my 21st marathon.  You’d think I’d be really fit, but I’m not fit and not as healthy as I’d like to be.  I think my body fat would be around 30.

I love sugar and chocolate, and I eat a lot of it everyday.  I’m either dieting or bingeing.  There’s no in between for me.  I’m tired of being controlled by a substance like sugar.

My kids have all turned out like me.  They love sugar.

I hope I can instigate a change in my kids as I change myself.

Wish me luck!

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