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Today was one of those days that I wanted to eat everything bad for me.  No, I didn’t cave in and eat sugar, but I had crackers, Fritos, and too much dinner.  I don’t know what my problem was, but I even had a hard time stopping.  I had to force myself to go brush my teeth and eat a piece of gum so I’d stop snacking!  I will probably be a pound heavier in the morning and I’ll hate myself for eating too much.

I really have to make myself focus on something else when my cravings come.  Today it was how good it smells when it rains.  I need anything in my mind to push out my cravings.  I don’t know why I’m craving sugar again all of a sudden.  It’s worrisome…


22 Days and Sugar Free!

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It’s been said that 21 days makes a habit, but in my experience, 21 months isn’t even enough.  Once I start eating that sugar, I’m gone!

I’ve found that chewing gum while preparing food or right after a meal has really cut down on my snacking, and curbed my appetite.  I think it has to be minty gum or it just makes me hungry.

My kids have been doing amazingly well-being sugar-free, and it has made a significant difference with my son’s ADHD!  Every time they want to quit, I help them to focus on something else not related to food.  They can go grab a piece of fruit to help them with their craving.  I’m really surprised they’re doing as well as they are doing.

I’ve also found that making sure I have a plan for healthy meals and to keep healthy treats handy has helped with the cravings.  It’s when we’re hungry that we get discouraged with our goal.

Addiction is a strong force, but I know we can kick it if we’ll just stick to it longer.

Mission Accomplished

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Yesterday, I decided to tackle my kitchen and really deep clean.  As usual, it took much longer than I planned to get done what I wanted to do.  I put on some of my favorite music – rather loudly – and got to work.  It was amazing how, with the music and the goal, time flew and I worked right through lunch without noticing.  Now, that doesn’t happen very often to me, but I wonder if not snacking constantly on simple carbs and sugar helped me not feel constantly hungry.

My son came to visit later, and as per our usual pattern, we spent most of the time talking about food.  He’s a gourmet cook and likes to learn all he can about different cooking techniques, so we talk about things he’s learned and things I’ve learned.  He is not on a sugar deprived diet, so he loves to make and perfect pies, cakes, cookies, etc.  Hearing about his latest experiments can actually make my mouth water.  Later on, I feel somewhat depressed.  It’s amazing how much food is tied into our lives…amazing.

I made a Mango Quinoa salad for dinner that I’ve made at least twice before.  It has a little bit of a sweet taste (agave nectar) and it’s a light, summery dish.  It was a huge surprise to me that my family LOVED it this time.  How amazing that when you’re not full of sugar everything tastes better.

My son (12 years old) will be looking for something to snack on and the only thing available is fruit.  He’ll say to me, “I guess I’ll have a banana.  See what you’ve driven me to!”  Well hallelujah!  I’ve driven him from sweets to fruit.  Mission accomplished!

Changing Habits

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Tonight I went to a movie with my son.  This event usually consists of popcorn with extra butter and a large soda.  Since we’re on our no sugar experiment, we had to go for the movie, not the popcorn.  Success!

My daughter and husband went to a rodeo where the norm is kettle corn and a Snowie.  They, too, had success.

These successes were not without disappointment and discouragement.  Habits are hard to change.  We’re trying to reprogram ourselves to require sweets at every event.  Well, I’m trying to reprogram the family.  There’s definitely resistance from the participants.  If I think back to my childhood and when I raised my older kids, we just didn’t do that stuff.  They never expected it, so we had no bad habits to break.

I’m finding that if I eat and soon afterwards stick a piece of gum in my mouth, my snacking is non-existent.  I eat continually.

I’ve been really tired and sleepy the last 2 days.  Perhaps it’s from a lack of caffeine from the Monster drinks.  I don’t know, but I need my energy back!

We’re getting through this a day at a time.  Sometimes we want to quit – especially when there are sweets around and we’re hungry.  We have been doing well, so I don’t want to quit.  My son’s ADHD has significantly improved with the change in diet, so I’m very hopeful.

Stay with it!


Am I a Failure?

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I’m surprised that I have been as good as I have with my sugar addiction, but I have been drinking Monster drinks almost everyday!  I have traded one addiction for another.  Maybe it helps me deal with my craving for sweets.  Maybe it’s the energy it gives me.  I don’t know, but I haven’t felt the lack of sugar in my life as long as I have a Monster.

Really, it has helped me with the sugar, but it has not taken my suffering completely away.  I have been ornery at times, I have been sad when I can’t order dessert, I have found myself looking at dessert recipes and I have to literally stop myself from torturing myself with the pictures.  I have to tell myself to shut the dumb book and think about something else.

So why would I allow myself to develop a new addiction.  It’s expensive, it’s going to cause pain when I stop, and I have to go to great lengths to hide what I’m doing.  I can’t let my kids know what I’m doing.  They’d consider it a cheat and want a cheat themselves from their “no sugar” goal for the summer.

I must stop this habit, or I’m going to have to go through the whole thing again with the Monsters!  Sometimes I just say to myself, “Duh!”  What do you think is going to happen after a couple of months of this?  I know there’s only pain in this new habit.

I wonder if an addictive personality must have an addiction.  Is it possible to be truly addiction-free?  Hmmm.  I must ponder that thought.

Race Done, and No Cheating!

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I ran a relay race over the weekend and was stuck in a van for hours at a time with friends.  There was a lot of snacking going on, but I’m proud to say that I made it through the whole race with no sugar!  I did eat potato chips and such for the salt, and to curb my snacking obsession, but for now, I’m proud of myself for no sugar.

We had a Father’s Day celebration and there were some yummy looking peanut butter bars, not to mention my favorite jello salad, but again, I resisted.  It’s getting easier to resist the sugar, but the chips and other kinds of snacks are still not under control.  I’ve had a crazy day with my kids and grandkids today, so I haven’t had a lot of time to get organized so I can prevent eating the wrong things.  I’m making a plan now to combat the rest of the week’s “bad” snacking.  I’ll see how it goes.

I really think that eating the simple carbs in chips and crackers contributes to wanting more sugar.  I know I eat way too many calories eating that way, so my goal is to rid my pantry of those kinds of snacks.

Wish me luck!  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


Stress and No Sugar – Not Compatible

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Today was a stressful, busy day.  My stress level is higher than usual, so my snacking is worse than usual.  The only good thing is that I didn’t snack on sugar.

I had a lot of temptation today and I wanted it BAD!  This is the 2nd time since I started this thing that I really, really wanted something sweet and delicious.  It would have made me feel better.  I would have been in bliss for a while.

I wanted some chocolate in my mouth!  I’ve been overly emotional because I have been stressed and I can’t have my usual remedy.  I start feeling resentful, but then I force myself to just drop it and think of something else – even if it’s just the cobweb I see hanging from my fan, or the color of the paint on the walls.  Amazingly, it helped!

I will do better with the snacking next week.  I’m making me a concrete plan to follow.  I know from past experience that I need structure when I make changes, so structure it will be.

If anyone else is on this journey, hang in there and good luck!