I Feel Like Giving Up…

Tonight I had a bit of a setback.  I caught my son eating candy – about 10 pieces into his little binge.  We had been to a parade where they throw candy.  I agreed to buy the candy from them so they could still have the thrill of getting it, but get a prize rather than the sugar.  He had gone to his room to add up his take when he succumbed to the craving.

While we were watching the parade, I found out my daughter had lied about it to my older daughter as well, telling her she got a day off and could have some pop, and also with my mom where she said chocolate milk was alright.  Everyone around them has been quite supportive, but they have gotten weak.

On one hand I can certainly understand, having failed many attempts in the past, but on the other hand, I’m seeing so many benefits – especially in my ADHD son, that it worries me to give up completely.  I think to myself:  “Would I, should I allow them to eat a substance I know to be detrimental to their health and their success?  What if it was alcohol?  I’d surely stop them from partaking in that, but is sugar really that much more innocent?”  Not according to the lecture entitled “Sugar:  The Bitter Truth.”  It’s available on Youtube and is very enlightening.  Sugar is very addictive and harmful to our health.  I feel it’s my job as a mother to do my best in helping my family to conquer this addiction.  I know perfectly well that I seem extreme to many people.  I have been on the outside of this issue and have made fun of people who don’t eat sugar, but I cannot deny the benefits to my son’s behavior and abilities in school.

I know it seems like an unreachable goal, but we did make a deal that they would have a cheat day on their birthdays and on vacation, but I hate to have too many because I know how hard it is to get back on the wagon after cheating.  It takes one moment to eat that treat, but weeks to get back on the wagon.

It saddens me that this has happened partly due to the fact that a large part of my success is that they were being so strong (or so I thought) that it kept me from cheating.  I need that!

What to do from here is the next thing I can spend all night pondering.  I am extremely disappointed.

~ by familyfavoritefoods on July 1, 2011.

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