22 Days and Sugar Free!

It’s been said that 21 days makes a habit, but in my experience, 21 months isn’t even enough.  Once I start eating that sugar, I’m gone!

I’ve found that chewing gum while preparing food or right after a meal has really cut down on my snacking, and curbed my appetite.  I think it has to be minty gum or it just makes me hungry.

My kids have been doing amazingly well-being sugar-free, and it has made a significant difference with my son’s ADHD!  Every time they want to quit, I help them to focus on something else not related to food.  They can go grab a piece of fruit to help them with their craving.  I’m really surprised they’re doing as well as they are doing.

I’ve also found that making sure I have a plan for healthy meals and to keep healthy treats handy has helped with the cravings.  It’s when we’re hungry that we get discouraged with our goal.

Addiction is a strong force, but I know we can kick it if we’ll just stick to it longer.

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 28, 2011.

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