Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, I decided to tackle my kitchen and really deep clean.  As usual, it took much longer than I planned to get done what I wanted to do.  I put on some of my favorite music – rather loudly – and got to work.  It was amazing how, with the music and the goal, time flew and I worked right through lunch without noticing.  Now, that doesn’t happen very often to me, but I wonder if not snacking constantly on simple carbs and sugar helped me not feel constantly hungry.

My son came to visit later, and as per our usual pattern, we spent most of the time talking about food.  He’s a gourmet cook and likes to learn all he can about different cooking techniques, so we talk about things he’s learned and things I’ve learned.  He is not on a sugar deprived diet, so he loves to make and perfect pies, cakes, cookies, etc.  Hearing about his latest experiments can actually make my mouth water.  Later on, I feel somewhat depressed.  It’s amazing how much food is tied into our lives…amazing.

I made a Mango Quinoa salad for dinner that I’ve made at least twice before.  It has a little bit of a sweet taste (agave nectar) and it’s a light, summery dish.  It was a huge surprise to me that my family LOVED it this time.  How amazing that when you’re not full of sugar everything tastes better.

My son (12 years old) will be looking for something to snack on and the only thing available is fruit.  He’ll say to me, “I guess I’ll have a banana.  See what you’ve driven me to!”  Well hallelujah!  I’ve driven him from sweets to fruit.  Mission accomplished!

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 26, 2011.

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