I Need a Plan

I have a sick child who is needing to watch TV and eat crackers because everything else makes his stomach hurt.  I’m sure you can guess what that means…I eat crackers and watch TV with him.

I need a plan, but I know I’m going to be leaving in 2 nights and everything will be out of the norm.  For some reason, when things are out of order for the week, I can’t quite grasp the vision.  That’s why I always have to start on a Monday.  All of my goals are on hold until things get a little more normal.  I know this seems like a rationalization, but this is how I’ve been doing things for years.  I just don’t have that organization gene.

I will have a plan starting next Monday that will include healthy food and no more crackers, chips or Monsters.  With my husband out-of-town, it makes it more difficult for me to cook a great meal.  The kids will eat a tiny bit, and he’s not here to help me eat it – especially when it’s a good, healthy meal.

My daughter is having major hunger and cravings since we stopped eating sugar.  She is eating constantly.  It’s fruit and crackers and Ramen Noodles, but she’s always eating.  I need to get those healthy snacks ready for us.

I’ll get through the race and get back on track with my exercise and everything.  At least I have had no sugar!  That’s what I thought was going to be impossible.  I’m finishing my 9th day.  Not too shabby.

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 14, 2011.

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