2nd Day

Today wasn’t too bad, other than I was feeling a little weak.  I really wasn’t craving sugar, but I sure felt tired.  I did eat a bunch of tortilla chips from Cafe Rio, but I ate a nice salad as well.  I think the beans and rice in the salad helped me feel more satisfied.  It was too big to eat all at once, so I’m having the rest for dinner.

I am trying not to trade one addiction for another by eating a lot of simple carbs, like potato chips, crackers, white rice or pasta.  I don’t want to go through this again with the other forms of quick energy.  I read in Overcoming Sugar Addiction that I should try to stay away from all simple carbs, so that’s what I’m doing.  I’m also trying not to eat a ton of fruit for the same reason, so I chose strawberries and apples.  They’re supposed to have a higher Glycemic Index.

My kids, ages 10 and 12 have actually done amazingly well.  My daughter got a Twinkie in school, but gave it away.  That takes determination, so I’m really proud of her!

I know the sugar cravings will hit eventually, but right now I’m trying to get through thinking about it constantly.  I passed by See’s Chocolates, where I usually stop by for a few chocolates, and I swear I had to fight the car from turning into the parking space out of habit 🙂  Costco had that wonderful smell of muffins baking.  My head tried to go into the ridiculous chatter that says that samples don’t count, but luckily my logical self took over and saved me from failure on the 2nd day.  Now, that would have been embarrassing!

I did find that chewing gum helped a little, but like I said, the cravings aren’t too bad yet.

Hey, 2 days!  I haven’t done that very often.

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 7, 2011.

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