Last Day

Here I go.  I have been bingeing, reading, and preparing myself mentally for 2 weeks now.  Tomorrow is my first sugar-free day and frankly, I’m scared.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to stick with it.  My addiction to sugar is stronger than I first thought, and I’m expecting some discomfort.

I have been reading Overcoming Sugar Addiction by Karly Randolph Pitman and she outlines what to expect the first week.  I feel I am prepared for that part mentally, and she gives some tools to help you work through the cravings, so I’m excited to try them.

The hardest part is wrapping my mind around the “forever” plan.  People around me tell me that I’m being too fanatic in my approach, but I know that because of my sugar sensitivity as explained in Potatoes Not Prozac:  Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity by Kathleen DesMaisons, I can’t just give it up for a week or a month.  The minute I put a cookie in my mouth, I’ll be right back where I started and it’ll take me YEARS to get back on.  I can say this is true from prior experience.

It makes me sick to think of how much of my life has been planned and worked around sugary treats – driving out of my way, making a special trip to a chocolate shop, hours spent making goodies just so I can eat over half of it myself.  It’s a lot of time when I think about it.  Very sad. I just want to be truly healthy.

Tomorrow is a new day of hope, and I will live it minute by minute to get rid of this habit, this addiction.  I can do it and so can you!

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 5, 2011.

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