As my husband and I have been eating ourselves into oblivion during our little vacation, we have been pondering about how much time we have spent seeking, searching, trying to find, and eating just the perfect food we’re craving.  It’s usually something sweet, rich and fatty, or something we can’t get where we live.  When we were in Hawaii several years ago, we had the best coconut milkshake known to man.  The next day we drove 2 hours to get another one, then 2 hours back.  That’s 4 hours of wasted time on a milkshake!

The problem is that after we eat to our heart’s desire, we feel tired, bloated and weary for our trip, or should I say, what trip we have left that we have the energy to enjoy.

We were reminiscing about a trip we went on a few years ago when we were on a diet program and eating well, along with regular exercise.  We didn’t go searching for crap to eat, and we felt great – energetic, fit, and satisfied with any healthy meal.  We really want to get back to that.

One more day of bad food, then onto the journey of getting sugar out of my life for good!

~ by familyfavoritefoods on June 4, 2011.

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