Pay Attention to the Body

During my bingeing episodes, I have started to really pay attention to what it’s doing to my body.  I have noticed that when I’m eating a lot of sweets, I start eating just to eat.  It doesn’t even taste good anymore, but I keep on eating because I can.  I’ve given myself permission to eat crap until I start my no sugar goal on June 6th.

I’ve noticed also that when I eat a lot of sweets and junk, I hardly eat any vegetables or fruits.  It’s a mental thing as far as I can eat bad so that’s all I want, but it’s also a physical thing.  Veggies and fruits don’t sound good to me when a cookie is sitting right there calling to me.

Another thing that have finally made it into my consciousness is that I feel the signs of my old friend Pica coming back again.  I have always liked the smell of wet cement, but when I was pregnant with my 7th child, I started craving dirt like no other!  Okay, I didn’t just crave it – I ate it.  It didn’t take much to satisfy the craving.  Just a little nibble.  My doctor said I was low in magnesium.

When I eat a lot of sweets, and I get very few veggies and fruits, I start craving dirt again.  That tells me that I am missing something that the fruits and veggies are supplying me normally.

I’m still reading Sugar Blues by William Duffy.  I’m learning a lot about how sugar came to be and how the sugar addiction in the world has come to be even with all the evidence showing the danger of eating sugar.  It’s very interesting and helps me to see why I really need to accomplish this goal!

I hope others will join me on June 6th to try to get off this addictive substance.




~ by familyfavoritefoods on May 30, 2011.

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