Back Home and Feeling…..Ugh!

I got back from New York yesterday.  We had a great time, but anytime I’m away from home, its license for me to binge.

I did notice, and realize, something about myself on this trip.  When I give myself permission to eat sugar, I go crazy on everything else that’s bad for me.  I look for things that are bad for me to eat – even things I don’t normally crave, like soda pop.  I eat chips, fries, pastries, cheesecake, cookies, brownies.  I don’t even necessarily want them when I eat them.  Something goes off in my head and says, “I’m eating bad today so stuff every unhealthy thing you can find in your body.”

Coming back on the plane, I ate constantly so I could keep myself awake to read.  Yes, I know I could have brought carrot sticks, but I’m eating bad, remember?

Today is my birthday, so it’s another opportunity to eat bad.  We won’t really celebrate with the family until tomorrow, so there’s 2 days I can stuff myself.  In fact, I’m eating See’s candy even as I write.  I’m already bloated and sluggish, so what the heck!  I might as well “enjoy” the rest of the day…right??

~ by familyfavoritefoods on May 28, 2011.

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