Getting All the Info I Can…

I have really been interested in Sugar Blues.  He talks about his addiction to sugar and his detox period when he quit cold turkey.  Wow!  It’s not something I’m necessarily looking forward to, but the other side of it seems amazing.  All of his many health problems disappeared.  I’d love to feel happy, energized, and satisfied.

On another note, since I’ve set the date for abstaination, I have subconsciously given myself permission to binge on anything bad for me.  This is how I do things.  I’m always in a state of bingeing to get ready for the big “start date.”  I’ll try to eat everything bad in my house in preparation.  I know that just loads me up with calories, but it’s feeling real this time.  I’m going to do it right here in front of everyone.

I’ve been looking at a website on overcoming sugar addiction.  It’s found on  She’s already on the other side of it, so I think the suggestions will be helpful.  I don’t eat meat, so some of her suggestions are irrelevant to me, but to someone who does eat it, here you go.

If you’re into podcasts, and are vegetarian like me, here’s a site with great podcasts about healthy eating as well.  Sometimes, just filling my mind with the do’s and don’t’s of health keep me focused.  The link is

I’m going to keep reading and listening.  Please join me in the quest for a sugar-free life!

~ by familyfavoritefoods on May 23, 2011.

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